Stop your employees texting and driving.


How does it work?

SafeDrivePod offers a complete solution that ensures the smartphone screen
is locked during driving.

The solution consists of three elements


The SafeDrivePod itself, mounted somewhere in the vehicle, sends out a wireless radio signal to indicate when the vehicle is driving


A powerful app running on our phone that shuts off all access to apps when you are driving. You are allowed to make hands-free phone calls and use your navigation apps.


An important aspect of our concept is your safety. Your managed made a deal with you to get you and your car home safely. He/she will get informed about how you use the SafeDrivePod system.


The combination of the pod, app and server make it hard to tamper with the system.

The smartphone has entered our lives and it seems we cannot live without it, not even when we are driving. Although we know we should not do it, we immediately tend to respond when we hear a notification of a new message.

Countries have regulations that prohibit smartphone use during driving but the authorities are not able to enforce these regulations at all times.

There are tools in the market that help you to avoid distraction but each of these tools can easily be avoided. The combination of the three elements (hardware, software and server) make SafeDrivePod a unique and innovative tool.


No expensive IT support by the fleet manager is needed.

  • The driver receives a package at home or at the office containing the hardware (a matchbox-sized pod) and an instruction manual.
  • The driver registers on the SafeDrivePod app.
  • The driver downloads the app on his/her smartphone, enters their credentials and connects the app to the product.
  • The driver places the product in the car, for example in the glove compartment
  • The use of the product is relatively easy, enabling much lower customer IT support costs.

Solutions that work

The TextStopper team has been working with distracted driving solutions for many years - give us a shout to chat about how we can help your organisation.

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