How does it actually work?

textstopper is a 3 part solution.

  1. A CellControl App that you download to your phone.
  2. A Drive-ID device which is a small, solar-powered unit that mounts on your windscreen and installs in minutes.
  3. A Website where you activate your Drive-ID and configure it just the way you want it, for you or other drivers in your family.

Any phone that is paired with your Drive-ID will block whilst in the car, leaving passengers to use their phone as before.

How easy is it to install and set up?

Very easy is the answer.

Simply download the App to your phone, install the Drive-ID on your windscreen and then configure the policy for you or your family via the Website. From then on, it just works – blocking inbound calls and distractions and preventing use of your phones as per the policies you configured. It’s amazing how quickly it changes driver behaviour as it simply, silently just works.

What does it do with inbound calls and texts?

Once you enter the vehicle with a texstopper enabled phone and the vehicle starts moving, it will start blocking both inbound calls and texts (as well as other distractions). You can configure exactly how this works for you or other family members in the Website policies.

If someone tries to Call you while you are driving and you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled hands-free, the call will go to your normal voicemail service. It can also provide a voice prompt of who called. If you do have a hands-free device then you can answer the call as you usually do.

If someone tries to Text you while you are driving, you will not be disturbed by the message and they will get a text message back, indicating that you are driving. If you do miss calls whilst driving, the App will tell you that you have missed one or more calls once you stop the vehicle and blocking is disabled.

texstopper can be configured to allow an enabled phone to be blocked in the Driver’s position and unblocked (after a period) in the Passenger side of the vehicle.

What about other phones and passengers in the car?

Any other phones in the vehicle, for example passengers who’s phones are not paired with the Drive-ID in that vehicle will not be blocked and will work as normal.

A textstopper enabled Phone can be set up with a specific policy to allow it block whilst in the Driver position but be unblocked in the Passenger position. Note: We don’t recommend this by default given the very strict laws in Australia regarding touching your phone, so even the act of touching your phone to hand it to a passenger to use, whilst driving could be construed as against the law.

What if my teenage son or daughter simply deletes the App?

The administrator of the account (being you), will get Notifications.  These can be configured when the device is set up on the Website and you can get notified immediately either via email or SMS that the App has been deleted.

What if my teenage son or daughter simply turn off Bluetooth?

Once set up on the phone, if Bluetooth is turned off, the app and system will continuously pop up a window saying “Turn on Bluetooth to Allow Cellcontrol to Connect to Accessories” and will continue to remind them until Bluetooth is re-enabled.

What if I have to make a call - Can I override?

One of the policy settings you can change via the Website is to allow Overrides.

If Overrides are allowed, this provides two options.

  • If you stop your vehicle (and park it legally) and swipe the Cellcontrol notification it will allow you to select Override and then Fast Release. This option does not require a password and will allow you to use your phone whilst the vehicle is stationary. As soon as the vehicle begins moving again, blocking will resume.
  • If for whatever reason (legal issues aside), you decide you absolutely have to override the system, you can swipe the Cellcontrol notification, select Override and enter the password you set up in the policy via the website. This will disable blocking for the entirety of that particular trip. We do not recommend using this feature.
  • Note that any overrides done are recorded and can be sent as notifications to the admin user of the account.
  • Note that Emergency numbers like 000 in Australia or 111 in NZ are always allowed and directly available by swiping the Cellcontrol notification on your home screen and pressing the Emergency number.

What about Emergency Calls?

Emergency numbers like 000 in Australia or 111 in NZ are always allowed and directly available by swiping the Cellcontrol notification on your home screen and pressing the Emergency number.

Will my Navigation app work?

When setting up your Policy via the website, you can choose to allow or disallow Navigation Apps.

If you choose to allow Navigation Apps, then all of the common Navigation Apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and others will be allowed to run on your phone.

Note: To be compliant with the laws and to be safe, you should always start and enter your navigation details prior to starting your journey.

What about Facebook messages, Snapchats and tweets etc?

When setting up your Policy, the default for “Block Apps” is on.

In this mode, all Apps that produce ‘notifications’  on your phone will be blocked. This includes Facebook and Snapchat messages, Tweets and pretty much any app that would normally create a notification on your phone.

Will my Bluetooth hands free still work?

One of the policy settings available via the website is ‘Allow Handsfree Calls’. This policy modifies the block calls policy to allow for only handsfree calls to be made and received while the vehicle is in motion.

In this mode, your bluetooth handsfree in your vehicle should work.

Will Siri still work?

Siri is allowed on an iPhone, however it is affected by the policy setting called ‘Lock Screen Time (Siri)’  The number of seconds allocated here determines how long textstopper will allow your iPhone to process Siri requests.

Note: Using Siri by touching your phone can be considered illegal in some States/Countries and is not recommended. If your iPhone is plugged into a charger or you have one of the newer 6s or 6s Plus iPhones, then ‘hey siri’ can be used as a voice command.

Can I have more than one phone connected to the same Drive-ID?

Yes, via your website login you can add up to 5 drivers / phones and all can be paired with your Drive-ID.

Can I take the unit with me for my next car?

Yes, your Drive-ID can simply be removed from your existing vehicle and transferred to any new vehicle.

The industrial-strength 3M tape used to attach the Drive-ID to your windscreen is very strong and will take some careful use of a sharp blade and some methylated spirits to clean it prior to refitting in your new vehicle. We recommend utilising similar industrial-strength tape to refit.


What extra features do I get with a textstopper Fleet solution?

textstopper Fleet is focused on providing the very best distracted driving solution for business.

Although the Drive-ID hardware remains the same, the App that runs on your business phones is different as is the very comprehensive web-based management system.

The Fleet system provides a sophisticated interface to manage all aspects relating to devices, phones, vehicles and multi-level policies. It also has a very sophisticated and easy to customise reporting and notification system as well as a comprehensive vehicle tracking and driver behaviour logging system.

For more information – contact us to discuss your specific requirements.