What does it do?

  • Removes the urge to use, or respond to typical phone distractions
  • Employees can continue to receive and make calls via Bluetooth hands-free
  • Hides incoming Texts, Facebook and non hands-free Calls while driving
  • Blocks outgoing Texts and other inappropriate phone use
  • Automatically identify Driver of a vehicle
  • Override for dispatch calls and messages
  • Detailed, fully customizable reporting, graphical dashboard
  • Notifications for excessive speed, harsh braking and acceleration
  • Optional GPS Tracking*, km travelled and trip reporting
  • Tamper proof

How does it work?

Web-based system to manage users, groups, phones and policies
Fully customizable web-based dashboard and reporting system
Easy to install DriveID™ or OBD/JBUS devices which are activated online
Install the App on employees phones (supports iPhone, Android etc)
Updated policies distributed over the air

* DriveID™ module only