Keep your family safe from mobile distractions whilst driving

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How it Works

TextStopperâ„¢ removes the temptation to use or respond to typical phone distractions like texts and facebook messages. It works through a combination of a device in the vehicle and an app on the phone.

Place & Protect, It’s as Simple as that

TextStopperâ„¢ hides incoming Texts, Facebook and non hands-free Calls while driving. It also blocks outgoing Texts, Facebook and other inappropriate phone use. You can easily customise settings for each family member via our Website.

Simple to Install

Once the App is loaded on the phone, you’re ready to install your DriveID device. This attaches to the windscreen in minutes using the special tape included. It’s solar powered, no wires and very easy to install yourself.



sunglasses.png Disables Texting While Driving

textstopper can disable the ability to text, email, use Facebook, play apps like Pokemon Go, Tweet, Snapchat, and much more while driving. It also stops all incoming Texts and notifications. If someone texts you while you are driving they get an Automatic reply. Emergency numbers are still allowed (eg 000).

headset.png Supports Handsfree Technology

Use of a phone has proven to be just as distracting as texting. TextStopper can restrict use to handsfree only via Bluetooth.

gears.png Simple Setup

Three steps and less than five minutes will have your textstopper up and running – ready to enable safe driving. No tools required, only your car and phone are needed.

car.png Vehicle Motion Activated

texstopper enforces policy when the vehicle is accurately determined to be in motion. Start to drive and within moments textstopper will begin to protect.

shield.png Enforceable – Tamper Resistant

To ensure regular use, textstopper has incorporated a number of countermeasures to notify when the solution has been tampered with or disabled. A history of these events are accessible in your textstopper admin account.

android.png iPhone & Android Support

textstopper’s goal is universal support. We have the best phone & device coverage globally – period! Currently we support ALL Android, Apple, BlackBerry (up to v10), and select BREW (Non-smart phones).