Stop texting, messaging, selfies, social media and more, while improving driver performance for iPhone & Android.

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textstopper™ is liberating for the driver and delivers peace of mind to the driver’s loved ones. With texstopper™, inappropriate interaction with a mobile device is simply not permitted. The ability to text while driving, read or post to Facebook or Twitter, take a selfie, play a game, SnapChat, or you name it, is limited to a pre-defined policy. This defines what can or cannot be done with a mobile device when the vehicle is in motion. Textstopper™ enables customised “policy-zones” – allowing passengers the freedom to use mobile technology, while the driver-zone is protected.

Ready to find out more? Are you curious about the compatibility of textstopper™ with iPhone? What about the functionality of textstopper™ when an emergency call needs to be made? Are you wondering if the device can be disabled? Get answers to these questions and more by going to our Family page.